Sunday, September 30, 2012

Flying High!

 Just thought I'd give you an update-here are all the cranes we've got flying around the house.  Thanks for all the hope they symbolize!  We have well over 1,000 thanks to all of you!

Can you find yours?!?!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Choo Choo

There is this awesome family from Spain that also came to DFCI for cancer treatment that is on our floor at the hospital. Once, we even got to be roommates...for a whole 3 hours on the day of Emmett's MRI (Sept 5)...and then we were discharged.

Here he is!  This is Richi and he is the nicest boy ever and he LOVES Halloween (hence Frankenstein). And he's 'wicked' smart-he speaks English really well! He loves to craft. Probably back in early August, we visited him in his room and when he found out Emmett loves trains, he pulled out this 'Choo Choo' that he had made. And like a true artist, he signed the back. I wish I had a picture of Emmett with him, but I didn't have the camera. We hung it up on Emmett's wall during that admission and everytime Emmett woke up from his nap or first thing in the morning, he'd point to it and ask for choo choo until we gave it to him and would hold it.

Here's the cool artwork
It had been up on the desk, but I gave it to him this morning 
and he was happy and hanging out with it...
and flipped it right over like he always does and babbles while he touches the signature 
(he's becoming a very good reader!)

One good side to being in the hospital is all the nice people we meet!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Stroll

Back in June we went for a little walk in the middle of the day and Laree snapped a few pics since Emmett was so smiley and dressed up so nice
Betsy found this hill and it's pretty cool for pictures because it looks like you're walking on top of the world!

gotta love close ups... he kept crawling downhill or uphill...he was only opposed to sitting still

Saturday, September 22, 2012

(Extra) Special Delivery

Last Friday morning, we went down to see T'ck in our PJs. Sean had mentioned earlier that week he was bringing Emmett a bobcat for the weekend. We saw him at the house that morning and he said it was all set-when the guys were done that afternoon with them, they were going to drop off a bobcat AND an excavator!!! By the time we got back to grandma's house twenty minutes later, there was already a bobcat waiting!!!  Just like the trolley ride, which had been on Monday of that same week, this was another much needed pick me up.  Couldn't have been better timing to have another fun distraction after receiving the disappointing MRI results and being faced with some difficult decisions.  We are again amazed by the kindness and extent 'stangers,' who are now dear to us, will go to in order to make a little 2 year old smile. We cannot say thanks enough.  This was the weekend right before Emmett's 2nd birthday, so it made a great addition to birthday excitement.
Emmett down at T'ck with a toy truck

Emmett got a smirk on his face when he saw this in the yard.  They later found a button that makes the reverse warning sound or beeps pretty loudly when you pull the trigger. That became Emmett's favorite (and the neighbor's least favorite) feature!

Micah and I rarely have left Emmett at all, but Friday afternoon, not 15 minutes after we left, they dropped off an excavator and Sean stopped by with his family. We were SO bummed to have missed the visit, but glad grandpa and Uncle Jason got a picture.

The excavator had a button that beeped and then turned lights on when you pushed it, 
so that became a highlight in the truck. Here's Emmett driving with his feet.

All weekend, Emmett would say "2 Big T'cks!" when he looked out the window.  We pulled the basketball hoop close and sat in the truck and shot hoops for a while.  Lion took turns driving.  Even the adults had to try the trucks out ;)

Monday morning, the bobcat was gone by the time we woke up, but we caught them taking the excavator. Luckily, Emmett woke up before it was totally gone and got to meet Clark, who's the owner of these particular trucks. Another amazingly nice guy. He said if we need them again, don't hesitate to call. He'd be happy to bring them back next weekend. No worries at all, just let him know. Emmett loves seeing the trucks move, which also unfortunately meant it was leaving.  He was sad to see it go.

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Birthday

There are a lot of fun themes we could have done for his birthday this year that he would have loved, but this turned out awesome. A cake you can play with while you eat it? I'd figure out a way to do this every year!  Emmett and his cousin Tyson, who recently turned 2, also, loved it.  After we each took a slice, we let the boys have the rest.  Although it was simple, it turned out to be a great birthday party.  We had a lot of fun and enjoyed having a fun night with family.  The last one is a birthday gift we got him-I think the only thing he didn't personally pick out while we were in the store-and it was a hit!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy Birthday!!! the bravest 2 year old we know! 

(caption on the shirt:  No Lion! I'm 2!)
We were hoping to have a big birthday/finishing (induction) chemo bash but with everything so up in the air, we had to put it off for now, but stay tuned and we might do that later.

In the meantime, we had fun today, despite being at clinic for a doctor's appointment.  More pics to follow, but it's late, so I'll just leave you with this:  Emmett's Favorite Youtube Video (this Week).  He bumped into it a few days ago and will ask for it (by bringing us to the computer and asking for 'dis', which of course means fish) and sometimes I'll let him. Funny kid-and you probably wouldn't want your little kids watching it, but hey, Emmett gets pretty much anything that will make him smile these days.  Who could say no to such a cutey pants?!

Sunday, September 16, 2012


As I've mentioned before, Emmett goes down to see "T'ck!" so often that we have made friends with the neighbors close by. Emmett thinks he's king when he walks down this street-they've offered the pool whenever he wants, their kids' toys in the backyard, one little boy gave him his special lego helicopter to bring home for a few days, they always come say hi when we're walking down the street and there is often a lawnmower or other power tool in use. So the walk down to the truck has become just as much of an event for Emmett as seeing the truck itself.

One neighbor, Bob, is in charge of the trolleys at Old Town Trolley Tours and last month when he heard Emmett's birthday was approaching, he said he would bring a trolley up just for Emmett! Well, we kept trying to find the perfect date-when family would be in town, close to his birthday, close to his cousin's birthday, out of the hospital, feeling well... Bob was so generous and so kind and just always said whenever you're ready, I'll make it happen! After this last MRI news and not really knowing what treatments will be next and how long he'll be in the hospital, we talked to Bob on the Sunday after we received results and he said he could come the next day!  I'm sure it was an extra long day at work for him by the time he drove the trolley back down to the city before returning back home (again) for the night.  But he was so happy to do it for Emmett.

We invited some more friends to make the ride extra fun & 
Bob picked us right up at the end of our driveway!

Emmett kept saying "Choo Choo! Choo Choo!" and would pound 
his fist  on the wooden bench. He loved it! 

The big guys in back were having a party

Emmett and Dad got to 'drive' for a minute-which means
 Emmett got to honk the horn for a little bit
Little Tyson slid off the seat when Bob had to brake, so Scott was 
a good friend and kept a human seat belt on him after that

Emmett loved Sage all afternoon and had followed her around at the house;
halfway through the ride, he reached to go sit on her lap and just hung out with her

Here's our driver!
Bob gave Emmett quite the send off, which may have been his favorite part-
he rang the bell and honked the horn a whole bunch.  
Emmett kept saying "Go! go! go!"

The timing ended up being perfect for a few reasons - it was just a week before his birthday; friends and family were able to make it last minute; and most of all, it was just when we needed a big 'pick me up.'  As awful as it is to be in this situation, we have constantly been amazed by the compassion and goodwill of people who were once strangers. Many have now found a place deep in our hearts and we feel we could never repay all the kindnesses.  The great lengths people have gone to in order to bring a smile to a (almost) 2 year old's face has been amazing.  We get to see so many different thoughtful acts of service that have been done quietly without wanting or needing any recognition, and that in itself has eternally touched my heart and brightened some sad days. We can't say thank you enough to our neighbor for a very fun, touching & memorable night!