Friday, July 12, 2013

"Chemo over, yea!"

After nearly a year and a half of treatment, we're proud to announce that Emmett received his last planned chemotherapy infusion today!  Hooray!  This is a huge day for our family, a day that at times we thought might never come.  But through the grace of God it did.  IT DID!

As with many of the other things we've been through, today was a much bigger deal for us than it was for Emmett.  To him this was just another day in the clinic.

Our hearts are full of gratitude for many people who have supported us over the past year.  The notes, cranes, cards, and gifts have all been very touching.  Most of all we are thankful for the prayers, for the fasting, and for faith of so many people that has lifted, strengthened, and sustained us through the trials of Emmett's treatment. 

The fact that Emmett is alive today almost a year and a half after being diagnosed with AT/RT is nothing short of a miracle.  And we are so thankful for each and every one of you who have been a part of that miracle.

This journey is far from over.  Emmett will likely end up with a fever next week and we'll be back in the hospital for a few days.  Then there will be another MRI and a few other tests before we can leave Boston.  Hopefully we'll be free to leave sometime in August, though we probably won't head back until sometime in September.  You can imagine we have a lot of concerns about leaving the watchful care of the doctors that saved Emmett's life.   But we are excited about the idea of going HOME.

We will continue living each day to the fullest, enjoying every moment and praying that God blesses us with more good days in the future.  There is still a long road ahead...and our lives will never ever be the same.  But we have so much to celebrate, especially today at the conclusion of Emmett's chemotherapy.  May we never see the stuff again!

Emmett started the day with a blow out.  But better on this chair than in the car!

With Mary Ann, Emmett's NP.  She has been absolutely wonderful to work with.

And or course we got a picture with Dr. Chi.  And yes, Emmett was playing hard to get today, even though he ran up and smacked her in the bum last week.

Emmett and Katy making faces.

We had to stop by the Dana Farber garden so Emmett could enjoy his thinking spot.

Emmett was ready to check out of the clinic like always.

Emmett's friends from the resource room.

To celebrate we took Emmett to Monster's University tonight.  This was the first movie he's sat through in the theater.

I think he enjoyed it!

Monday, July 1, 2013

In season!

We went strawberry picking a few weeks ago with the famdibily. First let me tell you when Micah mows the lawn, Emmett is confused thinking it's a vacuum and continues to pick blossoms and throw them in front of the mower and likes to see them get sucked up.  This is our newest fun I'm trying to teach him not to do.  Also back home in ABQ we planted a garden, years ago now (technically just 2 years ago, but I can't believe it's been THAT long!) and I'd have to stop Emmett from pulling off the tomatoes all the time. I think this is pretty typical for little kids. Which is why for the life of me I can't figure out why when we go "Strawberry Picking"-I mean, the whole activity is to do what he normally gets in trouble for!-he wouldn't pick a single berry. Not one. Didn't want to touch anything.

He was the 'finder' I guess you could say. The rows are so long and straight and he would run down them, stop for a minute and saw 'Here's some!' and I'd come behind and encourage him to pick some and try to pick some myself before he took off. We also thought this was an all day kind of thing, but apparently they cut off the pick your own at noon, so we had literally 6 minutes & were kind of in a hurry. Tyson was a little more into picking than Emmett, but even he didn't care about filling up his basket. He was the 'taster,' making sure we were picking the sweetest berries. So between the 2 of them, I guess we had a pretty good team.

A fun outing-he enjoyed it quite a bit and didn't seem to care he was missing the whole point of it.
Happy Berry Season to all of you!