Friday, September 13, 2013

A Date Change!

Apologies! We decided it will work better for our family to change the party from the 21st to the 28th, which probably just guaranteed that the 21st is going to be warm and sunny and on the 28th we'll have a hail storm, but we'll leave it to fate. So please remark you calendars! Don't worry about presents, just come celebrate with us that Emmett is turning 3 and has finished chemo and will possibly be moving back home! (Still awaiting his MRI, which is now scheduled for October 2) We'd love to have everyone that's been thinking of Emmett, asking how he's doing with treatment, praying for him, reading the blog, sending cranes or packages and supporting him in so many ways this last 18 months to finally get a chance to visit, so please don't be shy. It's an Open House, so you can just stop by if it's a busy day. If it doesn't work for your schedule, I will just say thank you here, then, for all the love we have felt from so many people! I am amazed at the support we have received most of all from strangers-once in a while people stop me in stores and ask his name so they can pray for him.  At the grocery store this summer as we were getting back into the car, an older gentleman stopped and insisted on looking through his cart to give Emmett something and found a coloring book and ice cream. Sometimes it's hard or feels strange to accept goodwill or attention, but then I have realized this year that it's not my place to stop people from being good. Doesn't everyone say we need more good in this world? Who knows, maybe this man at the grocery store had lost his wife to cancer and seeing Emmett really struck a chord with him, so how rude of me would it be to not let him do goodwill out of a sweet memory of a lost loved one. You never know someone's motive or intentions. We have discovered this year that there are many people with good hearts and I have felt truly blessed to be Emmett's mom and to see it all. I can think of plenty of examples I could share, but I don't want to put people on the spot.  People do things quietly, not wanting or seeking any attention for it, so some things are just kept in our hearts and we will never forget.  I realize that as he gets better and stronger, and mostly as his hair starts to grow back and when his NG tube is unneeded and gone, all this goodwill will pass on to the next patient and to strangers on the street, Emmett will just be another kid. I know that when strangers are kind to us, they don't even know us, so it's not Emmett personally that they love, but are just being sympathetic and charitable, and truly acting as the Savior would if he crossed paths with a sick child. Seeing that little bit of Christ in everyone I will miss and that has been uplifting to us this year and carried me through.  I wish I could find each and everyone one of those strangers as well as all our friends and family that have gone out of their way to show kindness to us and invite them to celebrate with us. Emmett is doing well today and what the future holds, no one knows, but we are excited to have made it to this milestone and so grateful! This is more than I had planned on writing, but I wanted to share that to me this is more than a birthday party, but a way of us being able to say THANKS! This is more a party for you than for him, so let's all celebrate together!

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Cat Parker said...

How wonderful! I have been following along over the past year. Thinking of Emmett and how much he has in common with my nephew Henry (diagnosed with AT/RT in June 2012). I am so thankful and happy to hear that he was cleared at his MRI and will be heading back home finally. Luckily Henry wrapped up his treatment last spring and is doing well. We are so lucky! You won't believe it, but when Henry turned 3 in August we had a circus themed party too! :) Such a small world! Take care and best wishes!