Sunday, February 15, 2015

Good News

Since the last post we have remained in Boston as Emmett underwent further testing ordered by the oncology team (PET/CT, repeat MRI, and lumbar puncture).  Oncology finally sat down with us on Friday after considering all the results and consulting with the neurosurgery team.  The subject of concern is a spot on his spine that has historically been identified as a "tethered spinal cord".  In previous scans the spot has measured 2 mm.  On his 1/28 MRI the spot measured 6 mm and enhanced with contrast.  This raised the possibility of tumor recurrence and warranted further investigations.

You can imagine our hearts skipped a beat with this news.  The emotions that come with a potential cancer recurrence are overwhelming.  We appreciate all those who remembered Emmett and our family in their prayers and fasting on 2/1.

On 2/2 Emmett had a repeat MRI on the spot in question.  This was a diffusion MRI with FIESTA imaging to determine if the cell structure in this area looks like cancer.   The results came back that it didn't look cancerous.  Also, this scan measured the spot at 4 mm down from 6 mm the previous week.  This difference is close to being within the measurement resolution of the scanner.  When comparing this spot to Emmett's October MRI, the oncologist could not tell a difference.  These are all very encouraging signs.

Emmett's PET/CT came back negative as well.  This means that the glucose uptake in this area was within the normal range.

Then Emmett's lumbar puncture to look for cancer cells in his spinal fluid also came back negative.

Finally, the neurosurgery team (Dr. Goumnerova) weighed in and said that she would not consider biopsying this spot (and likely couldn't), and that after reviewing the scans she didn't understand what all the fuss was about.  As anxious as we always are to hear from Dr. G, we were very excited to hear this feedback.

So oncology cleared us to return to New Mexico on the condition that we come back for a repeat MRI in two months instead of the normal three. Yay!!!  We couldn't be more excited and will be on our way to Albuquerque as soon as the blizzard lets up.

We continue to count the miracles we see and will add this to the list.  We are strengthened by the sustaining power of faith as we walk the path God has placed before us and express sincere gratitude for all who continue to pray for us.  May God bless you all.

Golly this winter is treacherous!

Good thing Aunt Carrie made us awesome hats to keep warm!