Monday, January 18, 2016

Radiation ends, and a trip home!

Emmett's last day of radiation was 1/8/16.  He ended up doing very well throughout the whole seven weeks of treatment.  After getting his port-a-cath placed the week after Thanksgiving, he wasn't afraid of the sedation every day and actually looked forward to going in and getting his 'doctor nap' each morning.  Sometimes he would get hungry because he couldn't eat until after he woke up from sedation each day, but besides that he did very well.

The doctors want to wait six weeks before doing Emmett's next MRI to give the acute radiation side effects a chance to subside (radiation can cause inflammation of the surrounding tissues, and they want that swelling to subside before the MRI).  In the interim, they let us go home for a break.  We flew out on the 9th and have thoroughly enjoyed being back in New Mexico this past week!!  I cant't express how great it feels to be home for a while.  What a blessing and a miracle!

Emmett continues to do well clinically.  There's no indication that anything might be amiss.  We pray that's truly the case.

Emmett was excited for the plane ride back home and couldn't wait to see all his old toys and ride his jeep.  He was such a big boy walking through the airport with his own backpack that the proton center had given him as his graduation gift (he's been asking for one since before awesome it is for a child to want a practical gift for once).  We threw all his toys and goodies in his backpack and suitcase, and it was awesome.  I guess there are small benefits as your kids grow up.

However, there are downsides too.  The worst part of the flight home was when Emmett realized that the button on the armrest doesn't make the plane go up and down.  He's believed it controls the plane for years, and it's been the cutest thing ever to watch him wear out his fingers during takeoff and landing...but you have to take the bad with the good as your child grows up, and sometimes it melts (or breaks) your heart in the process...

I initially blew off his questioning, but he insisted: "No, come on Dad, tell me what the button really does".  So I eventually gave my big boy... *sigh* ...and the guy sitting behind Emmett cursed me for the rest of the flight.

Emmett had a hard time sharing the window with Clayton.

We're so excited to be home and look forward to enjoying what home life has to offer for the next month.  Afterwards we'll likely head back to Boston for some continued treatment, though exactly what that will entail is unclear.  The doctors want to be proactive in case this has spread elsewhere.  Dr. Chi listed five options we could consider before we left Boston, and we'll be weighing those carefully over the next month.

But for now, we're enjoying life and living it up in the Land of Enchantment!