Sunday, April 2, 2017

Jaunary 2017 MRI

In January we made the trek to Boston for Emmett's routine follow up MRI.  Since Emmett finished his second round of proton radiation therapy in January 2016, all of his follow up MRIs have been in New Mexico.  It's been wonderful to be at home here in Albuquerque for the past year.  However, it was time to visit the doctors in Boston again, and so we headed that way in January for an MRI and a round of other follow up appointments.

Emmett made it through the entire MRI without sedation!  This is the first time he's done it in Boston.  We continue to be so proud of him for the bravery he shows in the midst of continued medical exams, tests, etc.  He continues to be our Brave Little Lion!

The scan was clear!!!  We were so excited to hear the news!  I can't impress how anxious we get about these scans.  It's almost like life stops when each scan arrives.  And you hope and pray that it starts up afterwards.  How blessed and thankful we felt when we received the news that all looks good!  Additionally, given that he finished radiation over a year ago, the doctors said that we can now space the scans out to once every six months instead of once every three!  This is such exciting news for our family!  Instead of buying life three months at a time, we'll get six months!  That seems like a lifetime!  What's even more exciting is that fact the that if the doctors are comfortable spacing out his scans, that can only mean that they are getting more comfortable with his overall prognosis.  And how exciting that news is to us!  The other good news from this trip was that Emmett's hearing is still perfect.  That's great news too!

As we walked out of the hospital that evening, I was completely overcome.  We've had the opportunity to be overcome with many different emotions at times since Emmett's diagnosis.  What I was overcome with as we walked out of the hospital that January evening was inexpressible gratitude.  And what a wonderful thing to experience, as inadequate as it makes you feel!  We feel so blessed, so thankful, so fortunate...and yet so inadequate and so undeserving all at the same time.  We still having our sweet Emmett with us while other families have lost their precious loved ones.  Why Emmett's been allowed to stay while others were called home no one in this world can answer.  But how grateful we are that he's still in our charge, for whatever reason.

We express our thanks to God for this blessing many times a day.  And pray for those who are still suffering, and for those who have lost their loved ones.  How precious are your little ones!  Love and appreciate them each and every day!  For each day is a miracle!