Thursday, June 16, 2016

June MRI

Emmett had another MRI this month (6/2/16).  Everything looked stable!  What was really exciting about this MRI is that Emmett did the entire thing unsedated!  The anesthesiologist tried to talk us out of having him attempt the scan unsedated.  Two scans ago he did a brain MRI without sedation, and that scan was 30 minutes.  But when it was time for his brain/spine/brachial plexus MRI in April, they insisted he wouldn't be able to lay still for two hours and they talked us into sedating him.

But this month I put my foot down.  Sure, if he got restless during the scan they would have to start over -- they want him to stay in the same position until after they've taken the images with contrast at the end.  But that was a risk I was willing to an effort to reduce the risks and discomforts my son experiences when he's sedated for a scan.

We've been briefed endlessly on the dangers of sedation, but the doctors seem to forget about (and minimize) those risks when it's MRI time.  I understand when a child is young there's no other choice -- but Emmett's growing up!  And when we deprive him of electronic stimulation at home, there's no limit to what he'll do to keep the "movie goggles" on in the scanner.  And we decided to take a chance and give it a whirl.  And it's a good thing we did.

He was in the scanner for an hour and a half, and when he came out he was dripping sweat and his face was red where the movie goggles had been, but he was a happy camper who could walk straight and eat right away and was ready to return to his day.  And we were so proud of him!

No more fasting, less anesthesia, and more movies!  Win, win WIN!

Way to go Emmett!  We celebrated the best ways we know of.


We have yet to hear from the doctors on their recommended path forward.  We expect to go to Boston for consultations in the next few weeks, and probably will stay for some follow-on treatment.  But for now we're celebrating another good MRI!


heath said...

So happy to hear this! He's getting so grownup. Here's hoping for continued good news.

ellen said...

That's great news! And Emmett is a MRI super hero! Looking forward to a Personal Exchange soon!!! heart ep

The Ballard Family said...

I still come check your blog entry every couple months. I'm so happy to hear Emmett is doing so well. I'm super impressed that he handled an MRI unsedated. There are adults and teens we know who can't do that!

I love hearing about your friend who does the fundraising too. Childhood cancer desperately needs more funding so our kids can gave reliable, tested treatment. I have always admired your faith and positive attitudes. The pediatric cancer world is a difficult one to be a part of but you always focus on what us good.

I pray for Emmett, along with our many cancer friends, daily and hope he continues to do well and that any trials you decide on are very effective. I sure miss your Michigan family! Thank you for the updates.

The Ballard Family said...

Sorry for typos--sent on my phone:)

Kacey said...

Congratulations on the successful MRI! Using movie goggles to motivate your son was brilliant. He is a very determined and brave little guy. It's wonderful that he was able to be still for over an hour without sedation. Fasting for anesthesia is awful and medications come with risky side effects.

Radhika said...

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